Know to Play Capsa Susun at Agen IDN Poker

Know to Play Capsa Susun at Agen IDN Poker

Agen IDN Poker is the most appropriate tool for those of you who want to play online card gambling, of course, it is not only trusted but also provides a very complete game. As the biggest agent in Indonesia, there must be many who are familiar with IDN Poker.

But many think that IDN Poker is a great place to play Poker Gambling, it’s not wrong to describe it that way. But did you know that IDN Poker also provides other Card Gambling games such as Capsa Susun, Domino, Ceme, etc. Quite a few choices, right? So for those of you who want to play online card type gambling, you can find a trusted Agen IDN Poker.

With an interesting selection of games on IDN Poker, there must be someone who has played Capsa Susun. This very cool game really makes you addicted because the way to play is quite unique, namely arranging the cards in the right order into 3 levels with the position of 5 cards below and middle, and 3 cards above.

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The Capsa Susun game is very easy to find anywhere, starting from playing offline or in the playstore. Of course, it wouldn’t be cool playing Capsa Susun if nothing was at stake. Because Online Capsa Susun Gambling is quite popular and played by many people, Agen IDN Pokers will provide these games in their place.

For those who have just heard of Capsa Susun, they will ask, “What game is it? How do you play it?” well, for those of you who have questions like that, we will answer them by playing the correct Capsa Susun on IDN Poker to win, as clearly and simply as possible. Let’s start.

What is Capsa Susun?
For those of you who have played, you already understand what Capsa Susun is. For those who don’t know, Capsa Susun is a card type game that requires 1 deck of playing cards and 2 to 4 players, usually 1 person will become a dealer if the game has a stake. By dividing each person, you will get 13 cards on average even though there are only 2 players.

You understand, now we will explain how to play it correctly:

1. Compiling Cards

From the previous explanation, you have understood how to play capsa susun, which is to arrange 13 cards that have been distributed with 3 levels from bottom to middle there are 5 cards and 3 cards at the top. After that you also have to know the color order of the playing cards, the first one is SPEED, HEART, CRY, and the last is WAJIK / TEMPE.
In arranging the bottom and middle 5 cards also don’t get confused, the lowest card arrangement must have the highest value of the middle card such as Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, and Straight or if you get a arrangement that is same as Flush, then the card color is used.

2. Know How to Play

After you finish arranging cards properly, all players will compare which hand is the weakest. To win in the Capsa Susun game you must be able to win at least 2 levels / holes from all players or if there is a bookie playing then you only need to win from the dealer. If someone gets a special card like Straight Flush or Four of a Kind then that player will definitely win.
In arranging cards in Capsa Susun, don’t just stick with cards that are good or have a large value, because what you are looking for is to win from your opponent. So try to win 2 levels from other players, which is usually used by filling in a pair of cards on the top hand.

3. Playing with a cool head

So when you are playing Capsa Susun, try to play calmly and be patient. Indeed, this game requires strategy and patience to win, because the chances of winning playing Capsa Susun are quite large so stay calm so you don’t make the wrong cards.

4. Choose a Trusted Agent

Who doesn’t want to win big, everyone including you will. But before that you also have to be able to choose an Agen IDN Poker who is truly Trusted. It’s a shame that before you played, you were tricked by fake agents.
There have been many tips for choosing a Trusted Agen IDN Poker on the Internet, so you can use your time calmly to find and join the IDN Poker of your choice.

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