Types of Gambling Games at Agen SBOBET

Types of Gambling Games at Agen SBOBET

Who has never heard of the name SBOBET, which is one of the largest agents in covering various kinds of gambling in any sport. Maybe many have heard the word SBOBET as an agent where to play soccer gambling, indeed that is true but actually not only for the soccer branch but also for sports.

But like its popularity if the sport of football becomes a sport that is very much in demand by many people from young to old people, from those who just watch it or to become special fans of their favorite teams ranging from national to international levels.

But it’s not cool if you always follow the game of football without using a little bet which is usually called soccer gambling, and of course there are lots of soccer gambling enthusiasts who will always bet when their favorite team is playing or when there is a big championship like EURO or the World Cup.

Usually bettors who like to play soccer gambling only make bets directly or with their surrounding friends, indeed if you win it is certainly very profitable, but it will be less fun if you don’t try to play soccer gambling at SBOBET. Because not only are there many types of soccer gambling that you can play but you can also get bigger wins by placing unlimited bets.

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That’s why if you really like soccer gambling games, immediately join the SBOBET site or agent, which is guaranteed to provide a pleasant experience. And of course, there are lots of advantages that can be obtained by playing at SBOBET agents, from the various games to bonuses and promos that are very profitable for you to get more winning results.

Maybe you are a little surprised what types of soccer gambling games are available on SBOBET? Isn’t it best to guess which team will win or guess the score at the end of the match? Indeed, what you like to play in soccer gambling is one of the types of soccer gambling that is available, but in fact there are other types of games that you can try which are guaranteed not to bore you quickly.

So don’t wait any longer to register at SBOBET agents if you want to try various types of soccer gambling games that are more diverse and fun. Who knows, you might be more proficient with other games than just guessing which team will win in a match.

For more details, we will provide some discussion about several types of soccer gambling games available on SBOBET. Here’s the explanation:


This type of bet is very popular especially among Indonesian people. This bet type will usually be opened before the match in which the intended match has not started, and the agent will give the match to the team that has a smaller chance of winning.

To determine a win in this bet, it is not seen from which team will win but whether the bettor’s guess is correct or not. Suppose there is a match between Barcelona vs Juventus with Barcelona 0 and Juventus 1. Then Barcelona must win with a score of more than 1 for the bettor who chose Barcelona to win the bet. Usually the scores are taken only until the end of the match, and the extra innings will not count or 2×45 minutes.

1 x 2

This bet has long been known and used by soccer gamblers. This bet type does not use a purse, so the bettor only guesses in the match between Home Team (Home) or Away Team (Away) who will win, draw or lose. Because this type of bet is easier to use, many football gamblers like this bet. The payment value will be determined by the number of ODDS that has been set by the agent sbobet.

Over / Under

In this bet type, the bettor must guess the number of goals that will be scored in the match that will take place whether the position is over (over) or under (under). Usually the Over / Under bet type has been determined by the agent who opened the bet.

Mix Parlay

This bet is also very popular among Indonesians. In this type of bet the bettor must guess at least 3 matches in 1 place. If there is one wrong guess, then what has been installed by the bettor will be forfeited or cannot be used anymore. Because of that, usually soccer gambling players who play Mix Parlay will, as much as possible, find the best way and strategy to win. Even though the difficulty in this bet is quite large, the results obtained when winning are very large, that’s why this type of bet is very popular and has been chosen by many soccer gambling players.

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